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Business Loans of Utah (BLU)

UCNS created BLU to provide term loans, consulting and capital sourcing for small businesses headquartered in Utah. Other communities interested in making BLU loans available to their local businesses may contact us for more information
BLU loans are available to businesses who have 24 months generating revenue and collateral but may not yet be generating a profit and who as a result, don’t qualify for loans from traditional banking sources.


What We Finance

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital

Leasehold Improvements


Real Estate

Debt Consolidation

Franchise Acquisition

Building Expansion

Debt Refinance

General Loan Terms

Loan Size: $50,000 to $ 350,000
Intrest Rate: 8% to 18%
Term: 5 years max
Amorization: Up to 25 years if secured with real estate